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    What we KNOW so far about ARK 2

    ARK 2 is getting closer and closer, and with various bits of information around the internet i’ve put together this ‘What we KNOW so far about ARK 2’ video that contains everything that is confirmed so far. ARK 2 is…

  • ARK 2,  ARK News

    ARK 2 won’t be HARDCORE Survival?

    A few bits of information relating to ARK 2 was recently released during an ARK Community Live Stream. In this video we will be covering things such as Dino Dens, Watering Holes, and whether ARK 2 will be hardcore survival!

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    ARK’s BIG Scorched Earth UPDATE

    Survivors! ARK’s BIG Scorched Earth update is coming! Scorched Earth is finally getting an ascension, it’s finally getting it’s official ending that it deserves! We have cinematics to show, and we discuss about any changes to the boss fight, any…

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    Survivors we finally have a release date the ARK on the Nintendo Switch, and in addition to that we have a roadmap providing the release timeframes for all of the official DLCs too. Don’t forget the Switch will also be…

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    COMING Q4 2022 to ARK Survival Evolved

    Welcome Survivors! We have news that the Carcharodontosaurus is still coming to ARK Survival Evolved, it hasn’t been dropped or forgotten. We also have news on a Community Stream coming soon prior to ARK going to PAX West to show…

  • ARK Survival Evolved

    These NEW Alphas are BEASTS

    New Alpha creatures come with the new Svartalfheim Mod map for ARK Survival Evolved. The alphas include Thylacoleo, Therizinosaurus, Yutyrannus and Deinonychus. These are exclusive to this map, and they are beasts! They have been purposely boosted to be more…

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    ARK has a SPECIAL Guest at PAX West 2022

    Survivors! We all know that ARK will be going to PAX West this year where they will be showing off the brand new re-release of ARK on the Nintendo Switch along with the Scorched Earth DLC. However, ARK have now…